dirtbox rally

dirtbox rally [dbr] is my current project

dbr is a combination of my own vehicle physics i have written from the ground up in c#, and also my passion for vehicles, more specifically, rally. i'm really hoping that the mixes of well designed vehicles, vehicle details, environments, ai, and music, will produce a good looking, enjoyable game for a specific group of people. vehicle customization will also be a part of the experience

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'bow em down' - ludum dare 36 [48hr game]

this was my first game jam

it was a very simple game, shoot the targets, get to the end, all with a bow and arrow. everything made by me in under 48 hours

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project wheels

project wheels was one of my first projects, it was also a free game, that used rvp2.0 as the vehicle physics system

project wheels was one of my first games built with unity - it started off as a multiplayer project where me and my classmates could drive around in a virtual world, with some virtual utes, in class. the game got immensely popular, for what seemed like no reason at all, racking up a total of over 25 million views, and being played by multiple youtubers with millions of subscribers. the game ended up becoming too large, too quickly, with a lack of knowledge around 'how to market and maintain' a video game. the game was cancelled around three months after the youtube videos

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