just a tiny bit of what i've done

if you want to know more about any of it, just get in touch with me here


employee tracker

employee tracker is a native .NET application written in C# - it's objective is to give employers control over where their employees currently are

this app is still in very early stages, and the hope is that it will work hand in hand with a native iOS 'client', which makes use of the phones' GPS, and possibly the NFC antenna

it does and will contain features such as

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renders & models

some of this was done at school, none of it really has any use apart from the fact that they were made to a somewhat practical style

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dirtbox rally

dirtbox rally is a game about rallying in vast environments, written in C# with Unity, blender and other open source software

everything in this game is created by me, including the 'built from scratch' vehicle physics, the game is currently still in slow development

get it here

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project wheels

project wheels was a vehicle game that was written in C# using the Unity game engine, it was a free game that gained popularity over YouTube and was discontinued around 5 months later, the game also used RVP2

some stats on the game

get it here

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